Why you should wear knee high socks?

knee high socksSocks are a product of dressing worn on the feet. It is made of different material and just reaches between the ankle and knee. To have a better fit, it should be worn with shoes. The foot excretes massive sweat (0.25 US pins/0.12 liters per day) among the other parts of our body. Therefore, it is always necessary to buy a pair that bodes well for breathability of the feet.

Socks that have tiny gaps for the evaporation can help soak up the sweat of the feet. In cases of cold temperature, it helps in decreasing the prospect of frostbite. Cool knee high socks are one kind of socks that envelops the feet as well as the legs, right up to the knee. It is a modern fashion appendage that is used for a casual and classic cool weather.


In the ancient age, the articles of clothing like knee highs were worn by the people of the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Europeans. The first type of knee highs was instigated throughout the time of Roman Empire. These knee highs became popular in America in 1920 and it was introduced as a major fashionable accessory from 1960. It was essential to wear long woolen knee highs for men in the British army and navy for protection in the trenches, averting foot rot. Now, men use it as the sport accessories such as football, basketball etc, fashion and other places. It is typically used by women in all societies. Unlike other types of socks, they are commonly made of 75% cotton, 20% nylons and 5% spandex. They are available in many attractive colors, patterns and transparency levels. They can be easily worn in the foot area by both genders and people of all height due to its stretchable property. They are more useful in the winter or cool weather because it helps keep the lower leg and feet warm.

Different ways to wear

It can be worn with different dresses. Some of them are:-

  • Layered over tight patterns.
  • Shorts and skirts.
  • Absolute tight underneath.
  • Squeeze over the knee boots.
  • Bulky sweater.

Reason for wearing

Nowadays, it is clear to all socks wearers that knee highs are not only worn for style but also useful in many typical conditions. There are some benefits for using the knee high socks. These reasons are listed below:-

  • Odor avoidance-> The habit of wearing socks with shoes is helpful to reduce odor by absorbing perspiration.
  • Disease avoidance-> Some communicable diseases such as Athlete‚Äôs foot can be spread from person to person like shoe shops and the gym. Socks protect the body from these types of typical diseases.
  • Reducing foot pain-> Wearing barrier socks between feet and the ground help to reduce accidents and long term foot affliction.
  • Keep warm-> It provides a layer of insulation. Due to this reason, it can preserve the temperature of the feet and protect the body from some cold related conditions like hypothermia and frostbite.

The use of knee high Beer, cool socks, Bacon and Liquor socks changes and adds a lot of comfort to the feet.