How Makeup Become an Indispensable Part of Women’s Life?

MakeupThe relationship between make up and women is complicated. Women love make up and companies like to sell loads of them. In fact, a million dollar industry has emerged that make tall promises. Are such promises false or not is another issue. Here, my concern is the science behind the magical world of makeup. Let’s try to decipher the reality behind it.

Is Makeup a New Fad?

The answer is a resonating no. Our history clearly gives evidence of use of chemicals and related substances to alter the appearance of men and women alike. Sadly, history gives lesser importance to use of cosmetics. Still, some facts have surfaced supporting cosmetics usage in ancient time as well.

It is assumed that in ancient Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations, people utilized soot and some other natural goods to color their face. As a matter of fact, some specific tools are also discovered in such places. See Bella Terra Cosmetics Mineral Makeup. Similar evidences have been surfaced in South Africa as well.

Now, is there any Reason behind Make Up?

Coming back to the original question, there seems genuine clues of science behind the makeup fixation. But, these evidences are not concrete. So, it is up to your interpretation of evidences. The evidences arrive from the animal kingdom. There female animals strives to generate signals that they are ready for mating. Of Course, human animals lack such signals.

So, how women portray their willingness for mating?

In every culture, there is a constant yearning to look youthful and exaggerate the feminine attributes. Perhaps this gave rise to use of chemicals on human body. These chemicals respond to our inner urges to look prepared for reproduction.

Of course, this also emphasize on the feminine traits that is essential for every female member in the animal kingdom. It should be noted that even skin tones also signify the youthfulness in women. This becomes more important for women rather than men. Hence, women desperately need make up to attract the opposite sex.

What Men Think about Make up?

If it is all about attracting the men, then experts should ask them for their views on makeup. In many polls, it is pointed out that they prefer women without makeup. So, are all those billions of dollars spending on cosmetics waste of money and efforts? I don’t think so.

Whatever these polls say, the reality is that men prefer a youthful and unblemished appearance. So, there is no dismissing the importance of cosmetics. In reality, make up works wonder for improving the overall appearance. However, there should be some cautions while applying makeup.

First, young girls should avoid makeup completely. They are naturally youthful and shining with energy. They don’t need makeup to feel beautiful. However, their curiosity could be satisfied by allowing them to experiment with some cosmetics.

For other women, less makeup is the key to go. You can also take help from makeup artist DC who will provide professional help to you. There are many such services available in the market in every major city. These services will help you do the right makeup, Buy Human Hair Extensions from a reputed seller, and everything else related to your beauty.


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